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Manual to Electric 4wd and Diff Lock Conversion Kit

Manual to Electric 4wd and Diff Lock Conversion Kit

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This Manual to Electric 4wd and Diff Lock Conversion Kit can serve three purposes.

One is for customers that already have the manual Grabber Diff lock kit. If you already have the Grabber locking carrier installed in the front diff, this kit is all you need to convert your bike to fully electric push button 4wd.

Second use for the kit would be for anyone that has a 700 Grizzly, Kodiak, or Rhino  with an already locked front diff that may want a stand alone 4wd system with no RPM limiting. This would be used on bike that may have been stripped down for strictly mud riding and no longer needs the majority of the wiring harness.

Third would to simply upgrade to Electric 2wd/4wd on the Kodiak 700's without having diff lock. You would basically be deleting the manual lever and installing the electric kit. You would then have electric 2wd to 4wd.


  • View our video overview and FAQ for the E-series below
  • Converts your manually actuated 4wd to an Electric Push button
  • Easy installation with basic hand tools
  • Basic two wire connection to power up the system (connectors included)
  • No RPM limiting, enjoy wide open throttle in diff lock if you please (Use Caution)
  • Sealed connectors and relays so no worries if you like to get in deep water
  • Fully backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee

More information

The kit includes:

Wiring harness, Yamaha Push Button 4wd switch, and the Electric servo.

If you already have a locking front diff, conversion will be super easy. You will already have the ring carrier installed inside your diff. You will replace your manual puller assembly that is bolted to the diff with three 10mm bolts with an electric servo that will bolt directly in its place.  Next, you'll remove the cover plate on your throttle assembly and install the push button switch. The harness will go under the front plastic insert and includes everything you need for the 4wd system to function. There are only two wires you need to connect, hot and ground. You can use an accessory wire or any 12 volt wire for power. After that, it's ready to go!

This kit has no rev-limiter in diff lock, please use caution.

For the complete E-series diff lock kit. Click here.

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