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Connector Plug Kit for 3B4 Servo

Connector Plug Kit for 3B4 Servo

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Have you broken the plug off your servo? No need to buy the complete harness, you can repair it with
this kit. This is a complete 8 Pin Connector kit for 2007 and up models with the 3B4 servo. The servo has one long 8 pin connector on it.

The kit includes:
1- 8 Pin Connector
8- Wire Seals
8- Terminal Pins

Installation Instructions:
To install this plug you will first need to label the servo harness wires 1-8 to ensure they go back in the
correct order. Next, cut your wires as far down the harness as possible. Next, you will slide the wire
seals over the ends of the wires, strip the ends, and crimp the terminals on. You will need a crimper tool
similar to this one to crimp the terminals on.
Crimper Tool on Amazon

Next, pop the white face off the 8 pin connector with a small
pick or screwdriver and insert the terminals from the back in the correct order as labeled in the first
step. The connector itself is numbered 1-8. Finally pop the white face back on the connector and you’re
done. Plug the connector on your servo and get back on the trails!

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