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"All-in-one" 4wd Repair Kit for 2002-2008 5KM & 5GH Servo Models (See Description)

"All-in-one" 4wd Repair Kit for 2002-2008 5KM & 5GH Servo Models (See Description)

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This kit will fit 2002-2008 5KM and 5GH Servo Models. Look at your front diff to determine what type of servo you have. If it looks like either one of these servos pictured, this is the kit you need.

This kit includes all the parts you need to service and repair the most common issues with your 4wd system. Save over 20% vs buying the individual parts.

What's in the package:

Servo motor (motor only), all three 4wd relays, dielectric grease, and tools to remove and service the servo motor (T45 bit, T25 bit, 6mm allen socket)

With this kit, you'll have everything you need to be able to remove the servo off the front diff and replace the motor inside of it. You'll also be able to replace all three 4wd relays. The relays and the servo motor are the most common issues with the Yamaha 4wd system. It will also come with a packet of dielectric grease to waterproof your connections.

You will need to provide your own ratchet to remove the servo motor. This kit includes the bits and socket only.

Note: This product as well as most all our parts will also work with the Yamaha Clone side by side and ATV's to include Massimo, Hisun, Benneche, Coleman, and Big Muddy.

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