Get Ready for the Springtime!

Springtime is coming and it's getting perfect weather to ride. If you've had your ATV or UTV sitting up because it's too cold out to ride, then you'll need to do a few things before you put it back in service. First..  Make sure the battery is charged. If you let it sit without a trickle charger then chances are it could be dead or low on charge. (Pro Tip) When charging a battery, it is best to charge it at a low amperage 1-2 amps overnight or until fully charged. Secondly.. Check your tire pressure and for any flat spots on your tires, you'll know quickly if there are when you start riding. It'll shake your teeth loose. Third.. If you didn't change the oil before you stored it (You should have..) then now is a good time to change the oil and filter. Also, if you didn't put Stabil in the fuel (hopefully you did) you may want to drain the fuel and refill with fresh depending on how long it's been sitting up. Lastly..  When starting the engine for the first time after it's been sitting for a while, start it and let it warm up slowly. Try not to rev it immediately once it starts up, let the oil get pumped up to the top of the engine. This is a good habit in general as it will prolong the life of your engine.
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