Don't let the Mice shut you down!

Don't let the Mice shut you down!


Keep your 4wd electrical system protected from critters this winter.

With the cold season approaching, take extra care to avoid mice making a meal out of your wiring.

We have several customers each year call us with 4wd issues only to find out that mice have chewed a wire up.

While most of would love to ride all year long and ride often, we sometimes have to store our toys for more than a few weeks at a time. This is particularly a problem during the winter months.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent mice from sharpening their teeth on your electrical system.

- If at all possible, try and store inside and away from grass and vegetation. Seal holes in your garage that mice could get through.

- Start it up often, at least once a week.

- We've had good luck using Bounce dryer sheets. Just stick several here and there in places you think mice would nest. I have no science behind this but I believe it has worked for us.

- Mice love peanut butter. If you can't seal the mice out, you can use a trap with peanut butter on it. The sticky traps work well.

Pro-Tip- Mice love to hide out under the front plastic on Yamaha 4 wheelers. There is spot under the front rack and plastic insert that is perfect for a nest. This happens often.

Please share any tips that you might have that would help folks out.

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