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5KM & 5GH Yamaha Replacement Servo Motor - MOTOR ONLY

5KM & 5GH Yamaha Replacement Servo Motor - MOTOR ONLY

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Replacement Motor ONLY

 The small silver replacement motor, as seen in the pictures, is what you will receive.  With the motor, you will be able to rebuild your factory assembly and bring it back to life saving yourself alot of money vs buying a complete servo assembly. You can do this with simple hand tools and of course we can help if need be.

NOTE: For the 00-06 Kodiak 400 & 98-01 Grizzly 600 the servo assembly case is sealed (meaning no screws to open it). These will have to be cut open to replace the motor but it can be done.

However, the best route for those two models is to buy the non-sealed/serviceable unit found here  This will actually bolt right up and work in the sealed units place. This would be the best route vs. cutting the sealed assembly open and replacing it and you'll have a serviceable unit. If you want to still cut it open and replace it, it can be done. See this video on it.

Replacing the Servo Motor

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our products. If this servo motor fails to work for you under normal operating conditions at any time. We will replace it for free.

This product as well as most all our parts will also work with the Yamaha Clone side by side and ATV's to include Massimo, Hisun, Benneche, Coleman, and Big Muddy.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sammie Howell
Video helped me repair my 4 wheel drive on my Yamaha Bruin!

I watched the video of the how and the why a 4WD switch quit working on my 2006 Yamaha Bruin, and after the video, I purchased the part, shipping was very FAST and I repaired my 4WD and now I can get out of the places I used to get stuck in before I realized that my 4WD had quit working. The Part and the instructional video helped me tremendously and I repaired my Yamaha fast, and the only problem I had was that after the repair the motor in the actuator kept running until I pulled the fuse to make it quit running! Problem was that the large gear inside the actuator had a worn spot on it which caused the motor to keep running and it wasn’t engaging the 4WD as it should. I pulled the motor back out and moved the large plastic gear around until I found a spot on the gear that wasn’t worn and after I put the actuator back together, the motor was engaging the 4WD part every time I engaged it! I wish that this company would start including an O Ring for the actuator housing when they sell the motor so you wouldn’t have to look everywhere trying to find the correct O Ring size to keep the transmission gear oil from leaking out after you repair your actuator! I didn’t have a local Yamaha dealer anywhere near me to go to and get the O Ring I needed, but I did finally get one online and now my actuator works perfectly and doesn’t leak any gear lube anymore!

MIchael League
Servo motor

Replaced the servo motor on Rhino 660. Lots of information on website. I would highly recommend these guys